Glidehouse2 architecture
Michelle Kaufmann Designs made the most gorgeous prefab houses. Each one was solar ready with other renewable energy system options possible such as geothermal, wind generator or hybrid systems. Each of her designs encouraged clean simple living and each was built in a factory, using the most modern and environmentally friendly building methods and materials.

Glidehouse1 architecture
The gorgeous Glidehouse was  an example. Mass-produced, planet friendly, low carbon prefab design we all could relate to.
Glidehouse3 architecture
It was nationally recognized as a contemporary, sustainable residence, setting the standard for pre-fabricated architecture. From design to construction, these high quality prefab homes were designed to harmonize with nature for clean, green, healthy living and to stand the test of time. The Glidehouse home proved that a low maintenance, sustainable residence can be high-quality, well designed, and cost effective.
Glidehouse4 architecture
Sadly, all that’s not enough. Her company Michelle Kaufmann Designs folded a few months ago after the economic apocalypse.
But creativity just pops up again. Here’s a few pieces from a set of building blocks she’s just created for her friend’s new son:
chair architecture
They just happen to build a toddler-sized chair… and many other things. As she says on her blog, building blocks were her favorite toy as a child.
Creativity never dies. These are the new shoots of something yet to come.
Via Michelle Kaufmann’s blog


rahimoana 1
There are 3 words that best describe Rahimoana Villa and they are: luxury, luxury, and… luxury! This lovely piece of modern architecture is located in New Zealand’s Bay of Island, near the towns of Russel and Tapeka, built on the top of а sloping site. The property has a total of 30 hectares, extending to the bay, and a long private driveway that connects the house with the road. We called Rahimoana luxurious for a reason: it offers to its guests a 25-metre lap pool, heated outdoor spa, fancy gym, IR sauna, hi-tech office, a personal manager and housekeeper, fine New Zealand wines, French champagne, resident chef’s culinary masterpieces, a Porsche Cayenne Turbo in the garage and more. Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects definitely did a good job!

rahimoana 2
rahimoana 3
rahimoana 6
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rahimoana 9
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rahimoana 14
rahimoana 15

It’s a classic design dilemma: finding a comfortable sleep sofa that’s also stylish and lightweight. For years the two concepts were mutually exclusive. Remember the lumpy, heavy behemoth your parents used to have? But no more.
Today, both comfort and style are easier to find in a sleep sofa. Gone are the massive, bulky couches that broke backs during moves.  New on the scene are sleek, stylish couches that don’t rely on the old fold-up springs but that take from European styling and the “clic-clac” sofa concept.  In some instances, these couches seem closer to a futon than a couch, except with a vastly more sophisticated feel and a more varied look.  In most cases they offer vastly superior sleeping surfaces compared to the lumpy fold out springs. Ouch. We’re happy that furniture designers have finally figured this one out!
One of the newest sleepers out on the market is the Clark sofa (below) offered by West Elm. We’ve seen this one in person and were pleasantly surprised. The sofa doesn’t look like a sleeper but rather has a retro 60s styling that mid-century aficionados would find appealing. Coming in at $999, the sofa is also an affordable options for those watching the budget.
weclark how to tips advice

Lower slung and more contemporary in feel is the Blu Dot One Night Stand.  (Below). Remove the back cushions and flip the seat forward to become a queen sleeper that rests on the ground.  The price point is higher on this one at
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Bo Concept offers  a modern sleep sofa with air pump that boasts a boxy contemporary look with wide arms. Alas, we could find no pictures of this one, (refer to the Bo Concept website) but it is similar in styling to Bo Concept’s Spaze sofa bed below. (Evidently, Bo Concept no longer makes this model.)  The modern sleep sofa with air pump is pricey at $3429, but an air mattress inside guarantees non-lumpy, springless sleep.
boconcept how to tips advice
Aside from these three, there are sleek and stylish sleeper classics, such as Design Within Reach’s Sliding Sofa (listed as currently unavailable when last we checked but normally in the $3500 range) and the Twilight Sleep Sofa for $1880.  Both of these sofas offer youthful, armless styling that may work better in a room that is not primarily used for lounging, specifically because of the arm issue. Room and Board offers a similar option in the Encore sofa for a much more reasonable price of $899.
When picking out a sleep sofa, bear in mind that sofas with wood slat construction for the bed frame will be far more comfortable than the old box springs. This explains the enduring popularity of futon frames. Be sure to test out your sofa for both sitting and sleeping, since the feel of the sofa can change considerably depending on what you’re doing on it. Look for sofas that you don’t have to fight to open. The sofa should convert to a bed in one, mostly smooth motion. Look for sofas offering firm support, not just necessarily a thicker mattress.
And since we haven’t tried all these sofas, we’d love to hear from anyone who has experience both sitting and sleeping on some of our top finds!

At the first glance, the building looks more of a Lego construction empathizing with a succinctly evasive structural design. When you peep closely into it and try to notice the exterior facets, you come to know how remarkable this visibly simple design is. Dubbed as Lanserhofwiese’ project, the residential colony by the Austrian architects Wimmer Zaic Architects covers an area of 74 000 sqm. Various buildings maintain a respectable distance marked by free spaces of ways. The buildings follow a distinctive pattern wherein after every three stories, the next seems to do some trickery in extending out of the normal order. We really appreciate the energy saving design having large windows and the glass lift tower. Well, strangeness is an added advantage since the solitaire-like model was never expected to be simple. Outlandishly imposing architecture, we must say! – via

Lanserhofwiese Project 1
Lanserhofwiese Project 2
Lanserhofwiese Project 3
Lanserhofwiese Project 4

Novello is an Italian design company located in Venice. Their products are modern and stand out through twisted shapes and an overall bold approach. The “Happy” bathroom collections in the pictures below is a display of vivid colors and creativity which really caught our attention. Every product in the set is an elaborated and original item, starting with the extruded cupboards and the funky mirrors and ending with the purple carpets on the ground. The storage space is sufficient and located where you would normally not expect so the bathroom has an overall  high level of practicability. Here is where you can contact the designers forany further information.

happy bathroom furniture 7
happy bathroom furniture 6
happy bathroom furniture 5 happy bathroom furniture 4 happy bathroom furniture 3 happy bathroom furniture 2 happy bathroom furniture 1

Designed by San Francisco industrial and furniture designer Rick Lee the Trio Contemporary Coffee Table is a beautifully designed piece that is both functional and versatile. The versatility of this piece allows for a lot of mixing, matching, and the appearance of a different furniture piece each time. The table is perfect for those to love to rearrange their living environment from time to time. The design of the table features a modular drawer unit which can be rearranged to your liking and when pushed out, the cut out on the surface can serve as a magazine rack or a dish when pushed in. You can purchase this piece of furniture from here.

Trio Coffee Table0 Trio Contemporary Coffee Table by Rick Lee
Trio Coffee Table Trio Contemporary Coffee Table by Rick Lee
Trio Coffee Table2 Trio Contemporary Coffee Table by Rick Lee

Designers at Nendo sure know how to play with ideas and create wild things-literally. The pictures below are taken in an actual house in Tokyo. The fact that the property is located on a riverbank and it had some vegetation growing on the external facades of the building, inspired the designers to come up with green separating walls for the interior also. “Moss House” is the name of the project and this is a creation that deserves its name.  Separating green walls with interesting patterns – things can not get more “lively” than this. Even though this is a fantastic idea- not to mention original- taking care of this walls may not be the easiest thing to do. -via Dornob
living green room divider1 Leaving and Breathing Green Walls from Nendo
living green moss walls Leaving and Breathing Green Walls from Nendo living green interior decor15 Leaving and Breathing Green Walls from Nendo