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It’s unusual to find a contemporary kitchen with such stately elegance as the Ino from a Japanese company Toyo. The Ino D-Land fuses kitchen and dining areas into a seamless place of relaxation and entertainment. The fabulous island is at once usable and intensely sophisticated, being raised off the floor it acquires status. Clean, sharp lines add to the crisp stainless steel finish. Or, if you wish to take the kitchen to new heights of glamour, there is Ino with handles encrusted in rows upon rows of dazzling Swarovski crystals. The Swarovski version also features an elaborate etched surface all over the kitchen unit. Japanese design for you – the Ino kitchen by Toyo Kitchen is simply unforgettable.






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When it comes to clean modern “zen” designs, the Japanese excel in the concept and here is proof. The Toyo Kitchen collection extends past the boundaries of everyday thought as well as the kitchen itself. Here are a few of the Toyo Kitchen stainless steel modern bathroom fixtures, sinks, vanities, and bathtubs that exemplify this diverse line of eye popping products from the orient. You have to see the entire collection of offerings that include furniture, and compliments for the modern kitchen and bathroom environment.




japanese stainless steel modern bathubs bathroom designs toyo kitchens

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As Furniture Fashion previously revealed, the outstanding modern bathroom designs of Toyo Kitchen Style are far beyond what you may picture coming from a Japanese manufacturer. I can see a distinct Italian flair to these visually stunning modern kitchens that feature stainless steel accents, well placed appliances, and ample storage space. Shown here are the Porto (top) and Grand Bay collections that are just a minor sampling of the dazzling modern and contemporary kitchen designs from Toyo Kitchen. See the rest of their offering which include more modern kitchens, bathroom vanities and bathtubs, as well as flooring and furniture here.

porto modern contemporary kitchen vent hood and cabinets

toyo ultra modern contemporary kitchen designs

grand bay modern kitchen islands and cabinets toyo kitchen style

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japanese-babylon-kitchen kitchen

Toyo Kitchens are more than just kitchens. They are art. they are sculpture and they are luxury design all rolled into one product for the home.

Toyo Kitchens have some of the most decadent and stylish kitchen designs anywhere in the world. They are a Japanese company which have proved to be very popular amongst discerning design enthusiasts from Tokyo to London for many years now. Customers have been wooed by their inspiring interiors, their unique style and their top quality bespoke products.

japanese-byblos-kitchen kitchen

One of their best kitchen’s has to be the INO meulable. With this kitchen you get a fabulous splash of luxury with crystal encrusted handles on the streamlined units!

This is what Toyo has to say about the INO line:

“ Every handle is fully embellished with Swarovski crystal rhinestones and is designed like kitchen jewelry to highlight your space.”

This kitchen is perfect for people who like the idea of making sure that visitors will be in no doubt about just how high quality and how pricey the furniture in their home is!

Having said that, the kitchens aren’t garish or loud in any way. The crystals are like the icing on a beautifully well crafted cake and even without the shimmering jewels the kitchen is pretty spectacular on it’s own.

Perhaps the success of Toyo is partly down to their inherent understanding of modern life and their knowledge of what a kitchen needs to incorporate in order to enhance the lives of the people who own it.

Here is what Toyo have to say about the ethos behind their designs:

“Communication has become one of the functions kitchen has to provide, and this role now takes root in society. In addition, what Toyo Kitchen Style believes necessary for kitchen is to be beautiful, as it occupies an important place in our living space.”

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INO Meuble “Crystal”

ino-meuble-cabinet kitchen

The kitchen’s not just for cooking, it’s for admiring with the addition of the stunning INO Meuble Crystal. Imagine a fantasy kitchen full of sparkle and jewelry and you will find a woman’s dream area. This kitchen has been brought to life by Toyo Kitchen Style. The INO Meuble is the flagship design by Toyo Kitchen. Large drawers, 135° angled islands, 3D sinks and best of all diamond studded handles make for an impressive kitchen. The jeweled handles add glamour and style and the kitchen space is creatively matched to the color of the crystals. INO Meuble Crystals use pure swarovski crystals in their “kitchen jewelry”.

ino-meuble-kitchen kitchen

The Chinese Bell Flower chair designed by Masonuri Umeda makes a needed addition to the dressed up kitchen. The chair is covered entirely by swarovski crystals and fits in perfectly with the bejeweled kitchen. Toyo Kitchen Style turns the “Kitchen into a Jewel“. In the market for a one of a kind jaw dropping kitchen, look no farther than Toyo Kitchen Style’s INO Meuble Crystal.

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Isola Positano

isola-kitchen kitchen

Kitchens will never feel the same after one look at the Isola Positano elements by Toyo Kitchen. Isola features 3 main components each more breathtaking and creative the other. How envious will guest be to see this incredible kitchen when walking into your home. A beautiful collaboration of modern style and glamour.

isola-island kitchen

The Island Core gives the appearance of an upscale stainless steel block. It features an under shelf and 45° beveled edges. This Island can be used as a dining area or simply as an island.

isola-type-2 kitchen

Isola type 2 houses the sink, stove and has a sleek range hood added into it. Made as a large block, it seems to hover above the floor.

isola-storage kitchen

What kitchen would be complete without plenty of storage? The storage for Isola comes in the form of a large sliding door cabinet system. Highlighted with flat bar aluminum handles, it is a stunning accent to this astonishing modern kitchen. Find out more about all of these elements and the exquisite high grade coatings and finishes at Toyo Kitchen.

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toyokitchen-island-nobody-isola-s kitchen

This Japanese kitchen comes together like yin and yang. We have featured some of Toyo kitchens products before and they continue to amaze us. The kitchen can be organized in different configurations to meet the needs of the home owner. The under glow light with the wavy cabinet drawers give the islands a futuristic and urban feel. The Isola S from the Nobody collection is one the the newest innovations in kitchen design.


toyokitchen-island-nobody-isola-s-2 kitchen

toyokitchen-island-nobody-isola-s-3 kitchen

toyokitchen-island-nobody-isola-s-4 kitchen

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