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Understated elegance is at the heart of the Swarovski Jewels Sink collection from Antologia. The Jewels sinks are created with artisan care by Vicenza based gold craftsmen who encrust each piece painstakingly with Signity jewels. A range of sleek, simple black or white basins highlight the sparkle of the gems. Italian flair for design and beautiful Swarovski crystals make these sinks a desirable, functional addition to a transitional bathroom decor. Made to appeal to the discerning, top-end clientele, these sinks make a practical element a work of art. The company Antologia also produces a variety of exclusive items, from furniture to mirror, to harmonise with the Jewels sink collection.













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Edgar Berebi luxury architectural hardware

For those with an eye for detail, these luxury pulls and knobs from Edgar Berebi provide an attention-grabbing solution. Painstakingly produced to include Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones and gold plating, each item of this luxury architectural hardware is in itself a work of art. In fact, these wonderful pieces have an appeal similar to that of the miniature Japanese ‘Netsuke’ carvings, which have remained popular with collectors since the 17th century. But unlike ‘Netsuke’ – Berebi’s collection of knobs and pulls have a very practical usage around the home, ensuring you will appreciate their beauty time and time again. Pictured here are elegant examples that also show a sense of fun. The Frog knob, for example, is available in burnished silver or museum gold, and is encrusted with Swarovski crystals and green peridot eyes! Starting at USD $44, architectural hardware from Edgar Berebi is truly covetable.

Edgar Berebi architectural hardware - elegant samples of knobs and pulls

Edgar Berebi luxury architectural hardware - knob encrusted in crystals

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It’s unusual to find a contemporary kitchen with such stately elegance as the Ino from a Japanese company Toyo. The Ino D-Land fuses kitchen and dining areas into a seamless place of relaxation and entertainment. The fabulous island is at once usable and intensely sophisticated, being raised off the floor it acquires status. Clean, sharp lines add to the crisp stainless steel finish. Or, if you wish to take the kitchen to new heights of glamour, there is Ino with handles encrusted in rows upon rows of dazzling Swarovski crystals. The Swarovski version also features an elaborate etched surface all over the kitchen unit. Japanese design for you – the Ino kitchen by Toyo Kitchen is simply unforgettable.





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Giving a new twist to the popular pairing of crystal and water are the new high-end faucets with Swarovski Crystal Handles from Ramon Soler – Iliada SW. Water and crystal are perfect partners, as the light plays within both to create a magical glimmering effect. The Iliada SW faucet offers a classic profile with the three-pronged handles and gently curved spout. But this is brought bang up to date with Swarovski crystals integrated into the end of each prong for a dramatic visual effect. The Iliada SW is available as mixer taps to fit your every bathroom application from shower to bidet, as well as the beautiful basin taps shown here. From Ramon Soler.



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For discerning consumers who like a touch of glimmer around the home: Cinier unveils these stunning Swarovski Crystal radiators. Designed by the French designer and artist Johanne Cinier these Black Diamond and Cristal Yellow radiators are exclusive accents for the home. The radiators are made from Olycale Stone, which is a radiant alternative to metal, and keeps the heat in. Olycale stone is a natural white colour rock (from the Pyrenees mountains in the south of France) that is broken down and then reformed to make a material suitable for highly efficient heating. Cinier has taken the strong basis of the stone, and added an artistic edge. Choosing vivid yellow and magical black for the background, he adds Swarovski crystals in a stylish array of shimmer. A focal point for the well-designed interior – Black Diamond and Cristal Yellow Radiators from Cinier.





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