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Remember when flat, uncomfortable inclining lifts were installed in dank, musty homes?  Remember how jarring the ride appeared when it jerked you slowly up the stairs with a loud and awkward mechanical monstrosity that you had no choice but to design the stairway (including wallpaper and rails) around to accommodate?  Well those days are no more my friends!  French company ThyssenKrupp Monolift have devised the clean, white, cyberprep-looking lift that looks like it can be infused seamlessly into many home motifs.  Easy to install and definitely more economical than installing an elevator, the chair is a simple and accommodating solution for those who’ve saved all their lives for the 4-story dream home and find the stairs a little tough on the knees.  Needless to say, it’s definitely a clean-looking device! – via

Lift01 Slide Up the Stairs in Style with the Curved Stair Lift
Lift02 Slide Up the Stairs in Style with the Curved Stair Lift
Lift03 Slide Up the Stairs in Style with the Curved Stair Lift

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Stair Lights is a low voltage (and this implies a low cost) LED system that will allow you to light up your stairs with or without a switch. The lights open up automatically when you are near the stairs, but they can also be controlled. There is also a generator connected to the system, so in case of a black out the stairs will still emit light for another 12 hours.  Each stair is illuminated by a three beam spotlight and all the wires are intelligently hidden. If you want to purchase the kit, it will cost you $140. However the kit only includes four sets of light so you will have to add $34.95 for every step starting with the fifth one. The overall cost will be quite high, but you might consider only adding light at every other step for example. – via Gadget Venue
StrLghtBsKt 41195 L02 Light Up Your Stairway
strlghtbskt 41195 400px lg Light Up Your Stairway StrLghtBsKt 41195 L03 Light Up Your Stairway

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Add a touch of elegance and style to your apartment with these fantastic staircases designs from Archi Expo. Simple and refined,  they go well with almost any decor, as long as it is not two crowded. You can go for a small, just a few steps- stair, or choose a spiral one that would connect your two floors. You can also select the color that goes the best with your interior. The materials used to bring this design to life were stained stainless steel (for the structure) and glass (for the steps). You can check out more similar designs and even place an order here.  We didn’t find anything concerning the maintenance of the product, but we are sure the manufacturers will provide those details on request.

Clipboard04 Spiral Staircases with Glass Steps

Clipboard02g Spiral Staircases with Glass Steps

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cast-swing interiors

Stairs have reached a new height with the Swing collection by Cast. They seem to float out of the wall. You would expect to see them in a museum as art, but they are fully functioning stairs. The stairs are suspended on the wall, connected to each other by a stainless steel rod. Definitely not for the faint of heart.

The Swing collection stairs come in 4 different versions, one being glass. Handrails are optional, depending on your preference. The wood versions are available in eight beautiful laminate wood types. The glass version comes in milk, extra clear, transparent, orange, yellow, and blue. Achievable widths are 600 to 1000mm. To get a clearer picture of the Swing Collection, go to Cast.

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