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Baroque is a style somewhat older than our normal obsessions here, but these Baroque Bookshelves caught my attention as a quirky storage solution. In the photograph, they look rather like picture frames, but with a depth of 9cm, they are actually deep enough to store your books. The shelves are available in two sizes, with the single unit measuring 32cm long (with 21cm of shelf space) and the double shelf actually slightly more than double in size at 67cm (54cm internally). You can get these pieces from GrahamandGreen.

baroque bookshelves Baroque Bookshelves That Look Like Picture Frames
baroque bookshelves2 Baroque Bookshelves That Look Like Picture Frames

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The game of Tetris has inspired many designers throughout the years. These Modular Tetris shelves are another practical influence of the hugely successful puzzle game.  From Brave Space design, the Tetrad Flat Shelving is a set of ten colored pieces in the popular shapes of the game. The shelves are made of wood, although their backings are entirely metallic. The blocks can be simply spread individually around your apartment, hung on a wall, or connected together to form a bookcase. You can arrange them in any way you like and use them for storing CD’s, books, magazines or any other objects that you have lying around your house . The finish is said to be stain resistant and easy to maintain. We found out that the set has a rather steamy price. You can get this ten blocks set at $ 1500 or an upgraded version for $2000, a sum that is not too high considering the creativity of the design and the endless possibilities in which you can use the Tetris blocks.  – via
big tet flat13 Trendy Furniture: Modular Tetris Shelves
big tet flat12 Trendy Furniture: Modular Tetris Shelves big tet flat10 Trendy Furniture: Modular Tetris Shelves big tet flat8 Trendy Furniture: Modular Tetris Shelves
mat det tet flat col1 Trendy Furniture: Modular Tetris Shelves

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pyramid11 furniture 2

Brand new from Italian manufacturer Fitting, here is the “Pyramid Book Case” – a modular shelving unit you can adjust according to your home space and storage needs. The system is made of aluminum-finished inclined boxes with transverse shelf for better arrangement of books, DVDs and other similar items. Depending on the wall dimensions you can choose how much of these boxes to arrange, hence the height of the “pyramid”. We look forward to see its debut at the Furniture Exhibition in Milan.

pyramid2 furniture 2

pyramid3 furniture 2

pyramid4 furniture 2

pyramid5 furniture 2

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etimo design 7 furniture 2

When it comes to having fun with geometry to create cool furnishings, the Italians from Etimo Design certainly do a great job. These guys offer a wide variety of bookshelves that will turn your home into a cool contemporary minimalist hub. Designed by Diego Collerada SU, Suline, Zeronovanta and Fili, use various quadrilateral structures and straight lines to create storage space for books. While SU is a vertical arrangement of random quadrilaterals crafted in steel, Suline is the horizontal version, Zeronovanta has an endless arrangement of perfect cubes in an orderly fashion, while Fili stole our hearts with its horizontal frames and threads that look like they were made out of silk. But there’s a problem. It’s hard for us to decide only on one of these to bring it home …

etimo design 1 furniture 2

etimo design 2 furniture 2

etimo design 3 furniture 2

etimo design 4 furniture 2

etimo design 5 furniture 2

etimo design 6 furniture 2

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While books are always a pleasure to read, they’ve got one big drawback: they can be a hassle to store. Any avid reader begins to notice that books take over when left to their own devices. But there are new and interesting ways to keep control over an unwieldy book collection. Here are a few clever options:

hanging bookself furniture 2

The Hanging Bookshelf comes from the unal&boler studio and uses hanging metal cages to house books as a kind of in-home art installation.

brace case furniture 2

The Brace Case comes from Ward Huting, and uses taut cables to hold books, magazines and other flat objects at an angle. It’s up to the owner to decide the angle. Another bonus: the case can be customized to fit any room size.

modular library new

The Logia bookcase by Rafemar allows you free rein to get personal. You can design your system any way you’d like and build upwards as your book collection grows.


Folding Bookshelves by Picked by Hand are made of cherry wood and can be folded down or up, depending on how many books you have to store. Best thing is, when you don’t have books to store you can fold the leaves up and away for more space.

Magnetique Shelf

Magnetique Shelf comes from Nils Holger Moormann and consists of a steel sheet and boxes made of birch plywood. The steel sheet can be mounted onto the wall in a horizontal or vertical way. The backside of the boxes consists of a special, extra strong foil magnet which adheres to the wall attachment.

ceiling bookshelf

The Ceiling Bookshelf provides an option for those with high ceilings. Books stay up and out of the way, nearly out of sight. Check with your local carpenter about adapting a similar bookcase for your own ceiling.

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cwave 1

cWave by designer Gianmarco Blini is a modular bookcase like no other. Made of a single powder-coated aluminum sheet, it offers plenty of customized solutions, as it easily turns into a furniture with a design of your own. Light, simple and neat, with endless transformation possibilities, cWave offers lots of flexibility and space for all those books you love. The additional bottom containers makes it even more practical and useful. It comes in two standard finishes – white and aluminum, but custom colors are available upon request. [via]

cwave 3

cwave 2cwave 4

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new works by xavier lust for driade

the collection will be shown during milan design week 09.

‘virgo’ bookshelf by xavier lust for driade

‘source’ table by xavier lust

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