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Imagine getting up in a cold winter morning and instead of  drying your face with some cold wet towel, use some really comfortable, fluffy and warm towels. This is were the Planus towel radiator from Zehnder comes in. This heater doesn’t have a striking or an  unusual design, instead it is  simple and classy.  Installing it will not take a lot of bathroom space. You can use it to dry your towels or bathrobes and also for keeping the bathroom warm and cosy. Made from stainless steal with just a few carved details, the radiator can be placed almost anywhere or can be used to divide two items of bathroom furniture.

zehnder towel radiator planus Keep Warm But Stay Fresh With Planus Towel Radiators
zehnder towel radiator detail Keep Warm But Stay Fresh With Planus Towel Radiators zehnder towel radiator single Keep Warm But Stay Fresh With Planus Towel Radiators

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rad1 appliances designer radiators by Cordivari

Regarded as something conventional and not very attractive, radiators are often hidden because of their unpleasing looks. However, this is about to change. Designers’ imagination knows no boundaries and has grown enough to make out of radiators something sophisticated and beautiful – a true work of art. These heating sources’ forms and element connections are so unusual that it is hard to grasp their purpose at first sight. You will recognize them by their lightweight structure, quality finishing and most of all their originality. Whether it is a relief picture on the wall, a sculpture or even a chaise-longue, the “artistic” radiator will surely bring lots of warmth – to you and to your home’s interior.

rad4 appliancesdesigner radiators by Cordivari

rad3 appliancesdesigner radiators by Cordivari

rad5 appliancesdesigner radiators by Cordivari

rad2 appliancesdesigner radiators by Cordivari

rad8 appliancesdesigner radiators by Designer warmth

rad9 appliancesdesigner radiators by Designer Warmth

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The most beautiful elements for the home are often inspired by nature… like the new Ghibli radiator towel warmer from Antrax. Inspired by undulating forms in the natural environment such as sand dunes and grassy meadows, the Ghibli radiator reinterprets these curves into a striking modern form ideal for urbanites. It would look fantastic gracing the wall of a loft or apartment in the city, where it can be located according to your unique needs. If you desire a towel warmer, position the radiator horizontally in a bathroom or bedroom. Or, if you are looking for a decorative and functional piece to accent your decor, simply place it in any room either horizontally or vertically. An understated design, the Ghibli radiator will quietly enhance the warmth and welcome of your home: a refuge from the bustle of the streets below. From Antrax.


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A smart idea for your bathroom – the Image Line radiator from Deltacalor has an entirely mirrored surface. A useful addition to your bathroom, it cannot fail to match any type of decor, from minimalist to transitional, as it reflects the colour and patterns around it! Slimline and discrete, it can also be used as a towel warmer… you can choose from a variety of attractive options to keep towels toasty. You can also choose to install a thermostat independent of your central heating, so that the radiator provides that little bit of extra heat just where you need it. Another clever feature to note is that, when heated, the Image Line will resist steaming up! Add the finishing touch to your bathroom with the practical and functional Image Line decor radiator from Deltacalor.



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Deltacalor home radiator designs

The home radiator range from Deltacalor exudes an arty and industrial look that will enhance any modern room with warmth and style. The water radiators come in a choice of shapes and features that are as individual as you are. The Bambu is an upstanding design that resembles its namesake – an organic concept rendered in sharp stainless steel. The alternating straight and curved heat tubes provide an intense heat output. Quadro provides a heated shelf by nature of its linear shape, ideal for airing towels. Cube is likewise a neat, smart steel radiator with a frame-like appearance that can incorporates two shelves, gently lit inside with integrated lighting. Finally, the intriguing Tao system radiator resembles modern art… its interwoven horizontal bars are topped by two swivelling headers, so this is a radiator that is always on the move! Clever ideas in radiators for any room of your home – from Deltacalor.

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Tubes hydraulic radiator Milano - a free-standing version

Seriously stylish, these unusual hydraulic radiators from Tubes Radiatori are named Milano. Like the vibrant and funky Italian city, the Milano radiators have strong, impressive characters all of their own. A free-standing sculptural radiator, it will give you a new and different perspective on home heating. The Milano has a special supportive base that makes it suitable for installation anywhere to provide solutions to your decorative desires and practical needs. Made of steel, the radiator is finished with a flawless painted surface, seen here in cream to coordinate with any contemporary interior. Forward-looking European style for your home: the Milano by Tubes has now arrived on the scene!

Tubes hydraulic radiator Milano - a wall-mount version

Milano wall mounts

Milano in a room setting

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Italian company Scirocco presented a new decorative home radiator where technical innovation is combined with design and with the desire to have fun and continue having fun. Designed by architect Marco Baxadonne, Brick is a small colored block with a technological heart, a radiator in aluminium that internally conceals copper pipes and aluminium plates, making the product highly versatile and thermally efficient. But the novelties do not end here: each Brick has a double plumbing connection: one for the heating system and the other to connect the various bricks together. Just like connecting the Lego blocks …


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