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You are probably starting to get used to interesting lighting designs from Foscarini here on Freshome. Well guess what-there’s more more to come, because designers working for this company never seem to get any sleep which is of course in our best interest. And, without further ado, we would like to present these elegant bubble lamps from designer Valerio Bottin. Perfect for large spaces, the Bubble lamp is truly imposing through its design and shape and once this item will be placed in a room, it will definitely become the highlight of that particular limited space. Here is where you will find a contact form for getting in tough with the company.
bubble lamp3
bubble lamp2
bubble lamp
bubble lamp4


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Revolving 330 Degrees Lamp

Here is a very flexible lighting accessory for those time reading a good book requires more than just a comfortable bed and natural light. Revolve Lamp was created  by Pearsonlloyd, a design studio in London. What separates this lamp from your regular table lighting items? Well, its looks for starters. Simple,slim, white and elegant, he Revolve Lamp can really bring something new and to a room and improve its aspect. The second out of the ordinary feature is that not only the lamp head but also the stem can rotate 330 degrees. This mean the lamp can be shaped exactly how you want it to in order to get the best lighting. You can order this product online here for a price of $346.
lamp3 Revolving 330 Degrees Lamp
lamp2 Revolving 330 Degrees Lamp lampl Revolving 330 Degrees Lamp

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Atomium Floor Lamp

From designers Hopf and Wortmann, this floor lamp comes in the shape of a huge atom. Eye-catching and fun, the Atomium Floor Lamp can be a great source of lighting for those moments when you need to be surrounded by a soft and cosy atmosphere. Its structure includes six sources of light and it can be mounted on the floor or on any table. The wire that supplies the lamp’s energy is hardly noticeable. The dimensions are:  64cm length, 64 cm width, 52 cm height, 76 cm diameter and the cable is 250 cm long. You can order this product online here, at a price of 349 Euros.

flor lamp1
flor lamp floor lamp 6 floor lamp 5 floor lamp 4 flor lamp3

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Inspiration can come from anywhere, for example this piece of furniture was inspired by some deep sea creatures that catch their food with lights on their heads. The Light Up would be a real eye catcher in a lounge or a waiting room, but also the living room would benefit from this special object. From my perspective the chair looks quite wired, and very hard to move from place to place, but a great place to read a book in the middle of the night. For more information’s about this piece of furniture you can check this website.

light up Light Up Furniture : Inspired by a Sea Creature light up2 Light Up Furniture : Inspired by a Sea Creature

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ombre1 lighting
Rain of light pouring from the ceiling? Well not exactly, but very, very close. The suspension lamps by Ombre Portée shower the room with light, fantasy forms and genuine style. White lacquered wood, steel rods, glass beads, transparent plastic pieces and feathers interweave to create these wonderful artistic luminaires. Each of them uses LEDs with integral transformers and tension compatible with US, UK, JP and European standards, so people worldwide can enjoy such a decor-jewel. Even if you don’t posses any breathtaking furniture, installing one of these lamps can turn your home into a very stylish place.
ombre2 lighting

ombre5 lighting
ombre6 lightingombre4 lighting
ombre7 lighting
ombre9 lighting
ombre3 lighting
ombre8 lighting
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luxury interior lighting by lamp 11 lighting
A pretty unassuming and simple name for an Italian designer, Lamp comes up with designs and prints that exude energy and class. Ranging from a burning red to a tranquil white and from a royal gold to the flowing silver, the sparkling array of lighting fixtures on display is nothing short of stunning. Built in many forms and perfect for any modern home ranging from living spaces to the poolside, Lamp proposes all sorts of table, floor, wall-mounted lights and ceiling-suspended lights. Some of them blend into the surroundings, while others stand out as captivating works of art. That irresistible romantic red in the bedroom, definitely strikes us … [via Trendir]
luxury interior lighting by lamp 21 lighting

luxury interior lighting by lamp 31 lighting
luxury interior lighting by lamp 41 lighting
luxury interior lighting by lamp 5 lighting
luxury interior lighting by lamp 6 lighting
luxury interior lighting by lamp 7 lighting
luxury interior lighting by lamp 8 lighting
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In search of an interesting, modish and practical light source for your interior? You’re in luck, because we’ve just happen to run past this glowing sconce, a trendy lighting solution that suits your modern apartment. The master of this design is Dan LaBarca from Rezek/Artemide Lighting. Here are some of the manufacturer’s words concerning the usage of the product: “By rotating the front of this wall sconce, the user is able to control the amount of light that is emitted. As one turns the face of the sconce, a splash of light is unleashed onto the wall”. 
956381250437995 Control the Amount of Light in Your Home  Rezek/Artemide Lighting
The maximum amount of light that the sconce emits (this is the case in the last picture) is enough to create a nice, peaceful atmosphere. Controlling the amount of light is this design’s strongest feature, right up there with its creative shape. For purchasing this product, you can contact the designer directly here. – via
956381250437982 Control the Amount of Light in Your Home  Rezek/Artemide Lighting 956381250438006 Control the Amount of Light in Your Home  Rezek/Artemide Lighting

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