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New from Kohler is the Reve Bathroom Furniture collection, a linear collection that gets straight to the point. Modern and minimalist, the Reve collection makes use of simple blocks of white and angled lines to create a suave silhouette. You can choose from pure white or a range of rich and subtle tones such as brown and muted yellow, as well as wooden vanity units. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes the furniture collection can be adjusted to fit the environment so well that it seems tailor-made. Reve: a great new look with the ‘aesthetics of architectural inspiration’. From Kohler.







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Kohler has always been on the forefront of bathroom and kitchen faucet designs that show not only innovation, but glamorous and sophisticated style. Kohler’s latest breakthrough takes kitchen faucet functionality to a completely new level. The Karbon articulating kitchen faucet and joy stick allow you to position water flow exactly where you need it and then hold that position, giving you the freedom to use both hands. The Karbon’s small foot print streamlines your work surfaces by fully extending the faucet to fill large pots or lower it into the sink for food preparation and cleanup offer up to an 18″ clearance. An integral spray head provides both laminar flow and spray functions, and precise temperature and flow adjustment while maintaining a low profile that is visually stunning.

kohler karbon kitchen faucet and joy stick


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kholer-karbon-faucet kitchen

New. Life. Form. That’s the tag line for Kohler’s new Karbon faucet, and for good reason. It’s more than a faucet, it’s like an extension of your arm. The fluid movement and versatility of the Karbon makes it leaps above the competition. Karbon offers total range of motion with 5 pivoting joint that seems to instinctively respond to your touch. A definite must-see in action. It delivers up to a 13″ reach and 18″ of clearance beneath the spout, perfect for any cook. The built-in sprayer head offers two different spray options. Karbon’s robotic like features will have you wanting one of your own, as we do Winking. Made of brass and carbon fiber, it can also be used hands-free, a definite plus. The Karbon Articulating Faucet is due out later this year, you can get a sneak peak of it in action at Kohler.

karbon kitchen

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Crevasse Prep Sink

crevasse-prep-sink kitchen

A collaboration by Designer Anne Kitzmiller and Kohler kitchen design and engineering brings the Crevasse Prep Sink. The sink offers more work room and an easy to use system. The prep sink is made specifically for the use of prepping food and clean up, with no excessive space used. It’s long, sleek and made on an incline to allow everything to flow to the garbage disposal.

A touch system ensures no accidental activation. The control is only activated by human touch and it controls the disposal and water flow. A soft blue light distinguishes the rinse cycle from the flashing blue which indicates the disposal cycle. Safe and Convenient, made specifically for the busy the cook. Need a prep sink in your kitchen, get it at Kohler.

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