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John Grieves, Jonas Dolk, Erik Wahlin and Björn Gunnarsson have come up with a lavish audiovisual treat for the uber-rich. The stunning Gramophone speakers are the luxurious extravagance that comes from Swedish company Aesthesis. The Koenigsegg supercar, the carbon fiber and stainless steel Gramophone speaker utilizing a coaxial two-way driver covers the full audio spectrum down to 37 Hz speaks for the wonderful merge-up of techie features and a gorgeous form, or you can say perfect blend of style and functionality. For all those interested in taking these elegantly cool speakers home, lemme tell you that the production is limited to 100 pairs only, so hurry up, visit your local Aesthesis showroom with $85,000 in your pocket and grab one.
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eco ball
With the aim to provide you with a unique sensorial experience, designer Pedro Gomes has come up with the inventive Ecoball SoundSystem. The ecologically portable sound speakers with an innovative modular spherical design let you enjoy music without disturbing the ecosystem. Each part of the sound system, viz handle, speakers, supports and volume controller are made up of recycled rubber. Portable enough to be taken from one room to another, these speakers can also accompany you while traveling.

eco ball
eco ball 4

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joey roth
The stunning ceramic speakers pictured here are undoubtedly the wiz kid of Joey Roth. The sharp-looking new speakers, soft-launched at Nooka’s pop-up store at Den in NYC are scheduled to be out in October. Made from porcelain, wood and cork, these speakers are not just aesthetic appealing but give the speaker designs a new dimension. The contemporary mix of textures and colors with a four-inch silhouette that perform the gramophones tricks of the past, all this simply makes the speakers unbeatable. You can pre-order via his site. No official word on pricing yet, but are anticipated to be in the $400-500 range. What are you waiting for? Place your order now!

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Today, white is a trend among contemporary interior designers. However, if you are the type who enjoys colors in your home, here’s a little something that will add to any contemporary interior. These brightly illuminated LED strips from LIT let you morph any piece of furniture into a colorful new canvas. The idea is to secure the color-changing LED tubes to the bottom of your furniture and plug them in. The basic LIT Urban Underglow kit sells for $209.95 and includes a 37-inch RGB LED tube, mounting hardware, a power supply and a wireless remote control for changing colors. Just remember not to overdo it though! – via

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LIT Color-changing LED Tubes 2
LIT Color-changing LED Tubes 3
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Expanding TV Screen

We all dream about that huge TV screen that would take over our room and give us the perfect cinema-like experience. But too bad that  idea usually conflicts with the lack of space. Here’s an ingenious solution for this problem: the TV wall unit from Acerbis. Make your living room a home cinema by simply adding this flexible unit with a concealed projector screen inside. You can now watch your favorite TV shows at the image quality  you’ve always dreamed of. Adjust the unit for getting the proper dimensions. After that, all you have to do is  sit back, relax, grab some popcorn and enjoy the show. For information about purchasing this product, you can get in contact with the manufacturers here.

acerbis living room ideas 1 Expanding TV Screen acerbis living room ideas 4 Expanding TV Screen
acerbis living room ideas 2 Expanding TV Screen
acerbis living room ideas 3 Expanding TV Screen

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bbq1 appliances

Who said barbecues had to be something unappealing and rustic? Thanks to Element now you can barbecue with style! Created by Fuego in partnership with Vinotemp, this modern grill is actually a scaled-down version of Fuego 01 and is fully packed with cooking options. The Element barbecue can serve as a convection roasting oven, and through the optional pizza stone it easily turns into a pizza oven or a griddle. Designed by Robert Brunner (former Apple industrial designer) the sleek 27-inches grill comes in 4 color options and would easily find its proper place in the yard of every contemporary home. Element by Fuego is expected in May 2009 and should cost from $400 (silver, white and red) to $600(stainless).

bbq2 appliances

bbq3 appliancesbbq4 appliances

bbq5 appliances

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acerbis nc base furniture 2

Wouldn’t it be great if you could enjoy television and your home cinema at the same time without having to buy a cinema-sized flat TV? Yes, it would, and Lodovico Acerbis proves it’s quite easy to do so. The New Concept series of integrated and concealed home entertainment devices now has a new addition: presented at Milan Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2009, NC Base Superchermo 100 combines a flat TV and concealed 16:9 100″ projection screen that is automatically extractible from a cabinet. The self-wrapping screen is compatible with most common projectors and offers high efficiency and luminosity features for the perfect home entertainment experience. Needless to say, the design is outstanding.

acerbis nc base 1 furniture 2

acerbis nc base 2 furniture 2

acerbis nc base 3 furniture 2

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