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If you are in search for something creative and sophisticated for your living-room floor, we might just have a solution. These elegant art patterns add a touch of style to your interior. The product comes from Transparent House, a team of designers from Germany. Here are some of the words of the company regarding this product : “We’ve created a way to refine a popular element of contemporary interior design such as polished concrete flooring. The design concept allows for application of any pattern to the surface either when pouring or after wards when the concrete has set. The fine floral ornament promotes the clean and simple character of the space while adding a touch of warm and live contrast and highlighting the cold austerity of the material”. If you wish to contact the designers, feel free to do so by going to this web page.
transparent house concrete art floor Elegant Art Patterns for Your Floor
transparent house concrete art Elegant Art Patterns for Your Floor

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carpet1 how to tips advice

image: coronet carpet

Whether you want to feel something fluffy under your feet or want to make your home more visually appealing, carpeting is a good option. If you’re new to this carpet buying thing, we are here to help!

Before you begin your carpet-buying adventure, you have to answer some questions for yourself. You’ll have to answer them later in the store, so better be prepared:

– Do you have a clear idea of what you want? If no, then decide what it is that you need.
– What’s your budget?
– What kind of room needs new carpet and what do you usually do there?
– What about children and pets, do you have any?
– What is the number of your household members?

Answering these simple questions will do half the work. The other half should be done by the sales person by showing you the available carpeting options that suit your needs best. The rest is up to you and your personal preferences.

carpet3 how to tips advice

image: ny times

You should also keep in mind:

– Do some research to find the best offers. Compare several stores and choose the best one.
– The carpet should be a reflection of you and your lifestyle, otherwise you will never feel it like a part of your home.
– It should suit your needs and the needs of your family. There are many gorgeous carpets out there but only a few of them are right for you.
– Leave it to professionals: this includes measuring the room, choosing correct padding and of course – installing.
– Take good care of your carefully chosen carpet and it will serve you well for a long time.

carpet2 how to tips adviceimage:reader`s digest

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the exhibition features work by nine artists who make use of
pattern and decoration in very different ways, some adopting a systems
approach to pattern whilst others are more fluid and organic.
jim drain, lesley halliwell, paul moss, jacob dahlgren, henna nadeem,
jacqueline poncelet, wim delvoye, daniel sturgis, richard woods,
many of the artists have created new and sometimes site specific
work especially for the turner contemporary project space.
it will be held at turner contemporary project space / droit house,
margaret, kent, until 22 march 2009.

‘heaven is a place on earth’, bathroomscales and aluminium,
2006, is featured in the show.

jacob dahlgren’s interactive installation comprised a pathway of 450 of ikea scales

jacob dahlgren installing ‘from art to life to art’ at turner contemporary project space, 2009

lesley halliwell resurrects 70s children’s favorite the spirograph.
the toy allows her to create dynamic monochromatic ink drawings
within a fixed period of time.

her graceful drawings are the result of endurance feats with rigid
masochistic parameters; dazzling ripostes to senseless home work
given by a lascivious art teacher. the critical mass of the colour
field and time taken to complete a drawing is dictated by the
amount of ink in her biro, while form is predominately the
outcome of whatever spirograph she uses.
superficially, the drawings are much in the spirit of
self-perpetuating postmodern process painting,
yet they lack the slickness normally associated with such work.

on show is a new, enormous, rainbow-hued picture entitled ‘fanatic’ (4500 minutes).

richard woods uses traditional woodblock printmaking
techniques to make graphic imitations of building materials and textures.

woods has made two ambitious new site specific works for the exhibition:
re-brand transforms the exterior of the project space from a faded town
centre premises on margate high street into an explosively colourful facade
while inside, flat stack sculpture creates a dizzying illusion of 3-dimensional
depth on the exhibition space floor.

wim delvoye’s ‘marble floor’ was first displayed in 1999

it is actually made of sliced meat, cosmati in salami. all art, it says,
is only ever consumable, even the most ancient and sacred.

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beltflooring green

A Royal College of Art graduate has started a business recycling leather belts into, among other things, flooring material. This modular flooring uses recycled leather belts. The belts are cut and arranged onto a backing and glued with a water based adhesive.

This floor could turn out to be very durable. Leather weathers well. Walking on it would feel luxurious. The floor looks lovely; like old weathered wood.

It is good to see such well thought-out recycling in the garment industry. Having come out of Art School myself to spend almost 30 years in the fashion industry, I have personally seen how much waste there is in that industry.

One wrong move, one outlandish style that goes from being the hot new thing and then suddenly stops selling. One botched fax to a manufacturer that leads to the wrong holes being punched in thousands of belts, and wrecked items pour off sewing factory assembly lines, until all the Ross stores in the world are not enough to take care of the problem.

There’s little recycling.

Innovation by itself yields much waste. By its nature fashion is wasteful, because it is about innovation; it is not uniform. Unlike manufacturing ballpoint pens, say, which will never have to be thrown away for not looking right from one year to the next, fashion creates waste by its very innovation-based nature.

Yet we are innovation junkies. That’s why we read sites like this. That’s why designers make things.

So it is nice to see that Inghua Ting has started her business recycling leather belts into, among other things, flooring material. She has leveraged these inherent problems in design (innovation=waste) and started her first business out of Art School devising a new use for creating a product out of all that waste that ex-art students like us are guilty of adding to the world. She is using those divergent thinking skills that the design industry needs, but using that to find a serious use for real waste.

Divergent thinking – as in How many uses can you think of for a brick? is the opposite of convergent thinking. Design students are far more likely to excel at divergent thinking than convergent thinking. Convergent is converging on the one right answer: 2 + 2 = 4. Edward de Bono’s divergent thinking kids classic The Dog Exercising Machine has many examples of divergent thinking.

This divergent thinking of designers can go a bit far, become ridiculous: a lot of supposedly sustainable re-purposed items are just not that green.

And this recycled leather floor might or might not prove to be be durable over the long term.

She will have to test that and see, over time. It might; after all, leather was used to make the soles of shoes until well into the middle ages, so centuries-worth of people have walked on leather, under the soles of their feet (although we can’t ask them how often they had to resole those shoes).

That’s R&D that’s worth doing for truly useful recycling.

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the 2009 VIA carte blanche award developed by architect and designer philippe rahm
aims at stimulating thought on our living environment. rahm tackles the question of
relations between indoor and outdoor, artificial and natural milieus, imagining that
the climate and topography of the surrounding environment should also prevail inside
the house. using wind, temperature, light and the humidity level of the air, terroirs
déterritorialisés is a climate-related performance installation the main elements of
which are: dual-flow air renewal, radiator heating and lighting. projected in a
working hypothesis, these items conspire to ‘naturalize’ indoor living space in phase
with the externa environment – but without the negative effects of atmospheric pollution
and global warming.

general view of the exhibition

floor heating system

floor heating system




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Carlisle custom coat finished floors example

Everyone loves the warm and welcoming glow of a natural wooden floor, but having to painstakingly finish the wood has always been a downside for do-it-yourselfers. Now, Carlisle Wide Plank Floors has gotten pre-finished flooring just right, thanks to their patience and attention to detail. The company has not offered pre-finished flooring before; they waited until they could get it perfect to introduce Carlisle traditional wooden floor planks in the Custom Coat Finished form. Unlike other companies, they apply finish to the top, bottom and tongue and groove system so that the boards stay flay and dry even in humid or moist conditions. The craftsmen also include a special additive to combat mold and mildew. Hard-wearing and attractive: the planks are available in the Custom Coat in thirteen Historic Stain finishes, as well as custom colors you can create to perfectly match your existing decor. Check out Carlisle Wide Plank Floors for a great-looking wooden floor that will complete your home.

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Exotic flooring by Mullican - Rosewood hardwood

Mullican Flooring‘s line of engineered pre-finished hardwood exotic flooring shows that wooden flooring can still encompass a twist of the unexpected. We are accustomed to run-of-the-mill wooden floors that often go unnoticed… but these exciting exotic floors are a real focal point. The rich beauty of wood is celebrated through their painstakingly polished sheen. Pictured above is the Mullican Ridgecrest Sumatra Rosewood hardwood flooring, which has a stunning variation of hues and swirling patterns within each plank. The African Zebrawood sports a striped grain in shades of rich brown that stands out – a memorable and enduring addition to any home. These Mullican exotic floors can be purchased at Expo Design Center.

Exotic flooring by Mullican - Zebrawood engineered

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