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You’ve seen all sorts of unusual chimneys here on Freshome, but you have to admit most of them were …well, tamed. Here is an example of an “unrestrained” fireplace. Designed for a private residence in Boulder, Colorado by EcoSmart Fire, this project certainly does not lack originality. The design makes it seem like flames come out of nowhere and burn unleashed in your living-room. For futher drama, unconventional locations can be chosen for placing the product, such as a table or a certain part of the floor. This way it will really seem like fire is strangely burning from within your furniture. In fact the technology used is quite secure and there is, of course, no danger. Here is where you can get in contact with the producer for any inquiries.

fireplace Flames Coming From Your Furniture
488246473colour Flames Coming From Your Furniture fireplace21 Flames Coming From Your Furniture

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Designed for the  Allianz-Arena Cooking Lounge by EcoSmart Fire, these fireplaces sure spell “high-class”. Even though it is possible to install a single fireplace, the effect of three fires burning with the same flame is much more intense. Here are some words from the produces concerning this fireplace design :” The EcoSmart™ Fire is an Australian innovation – an environmentally friendly open fireplace. The EcoSmart™ Fire is flue less and does not require any installation or utility connection for fuel supply, which makes it ideal for just about any architectural environment. Fuelled by a renewable modern energy (Denatured Ethanol), it burns clean and is virtually maintenance free.” Modifying the flame intensity is very easy and so is turning it on and off whenever you want. Here is where you can contact the company for any other detail you might need or for ordering this product online.

fireplace2 A Showcase of Elegance: EcoSmart Fireplaces
fireplace1 A Showcase of Elegance: EcoSmart Fireplaces fireplace3 A Showcase of Elegance: EcoSmart Fireplaces

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Winner of a prestigious design award (Australian International Design Awards, Sydney, 2009) , this amazing looking EcoSmart  fireplace can remind one of a notebook or laptop. Even though the dimensions are not quite the same- Zeta has a Height of 818mm (32.2″), a width of 1060mm (41.73″) and a 911mm (35.87″) depth, this unique fireplace can still be carried anywhere in your apartment and bring along that soft and mellow atmosphere. The creator of this design-  John Dimopoulos is an Australian architect whose aim is “to put the fun back into function”, which he manages to do greatly when it comes to this particular product. The materials used to manufacture the fireplace are leather, timber and stainless steel. Four leather colors are available: Ciocolatta, Nero, Ranch Hide and Latte. We do not know if the fireplace is yet up for sale, but you could try contacting the designer here.
zeta fireplace1
zeta fireplace zeta fireplace2

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“Love Burns” Fireplaces

Here on Freshome you’ve seen a large variety of fireplaces. However, we are about to surprise you once again. This revolutionary idea for a fireplace comes from Conmoto,  a company that “designs with passion” and that works with international renowned designers. DOTS is a part of the “Love Burns” collection, which includes more interesting concepts for indoor and outdoor chimneys. The main idea that stood behind this design was to combine a fireplace and seating in order to “create a portable product family”. Indeed, DOTS does not lack portability. Maneuvering this product is extremely easy, whether it is because you want to place it in the other room or replace it with a cushion for comfortable seating. The textile materials are weather resistant and easily washable. Order this product online from Conmoto and enjoy a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere!- via
dots topgood Love Burns Fireplaces
conmoto fire sit Love Burns Fireplaces conmoto fireplace thumb 450x450 Love Burns Fireplaces dots fire sit Love Burns Fireplaces

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Planika is an Australian-European company whose main purpose is “to bring the primeval fire from before thousands of years to contemporary interiors”. Today we would like to present a few items from the “Fire Collection” designed by Arik Levy. Stylish and creative, these models are not just not just a great replacement for a fireplace, but a cool addition to your apartment furniture as well. Some of them are also tables, made from glass with “glassfire technology”, a trademark of the company. The standard equipment for any of this products includes a lighter, decorative stones and sand, a metal tool for lighting and extinguishing fire, a manual with instructions, a glass cylinder, an outdoor cover and a stainless steel cup (0,6 L). More information about this line of products will be offered to you on request.

Clipboard08  Modern Fireplaces from Planika
Clipboard06  Modern Fireplaces from Planika Clipboard067  Modern Fireplaces from Planika Clipboard04  Modern Fireplaces from Planika

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metalfire-universal-fireplace-1 interiors

Although they seem to be a tradition from the past, modern fireplaces seem to make it to more and more into modern minimalist homes. But check out MetalFire’s fireplaces that bring in a new concept that embraces today’s living environment. Combining a minimal design with maximum heating pleasure and absolute safety, the Universal models seem to be the perfect solution for any stylish interior. With the hearth fully made of black cast iron with fluted small stripes and featuring a sliding fire-screen made of wire mesh, it can certainly turn into the main focal point of any room. Don’t you think? [via MetalFire]

metalfire-universal-fireplace-2 interiors

metalfire-universal-fireplace-3 interiors

metalfire-universal-fireplace-4 interiors

metalfire-universal-fireplace-5 interiors

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Photos of CCTV Skyscraper after fire

An amazing picture of the CCTV Building devastated by yesterdays fire was published in Gizmodo. Secrecy has sorrounded the whole event, but for now, the official story is that the Mandarin Oriental, located at the top of the building, caught fire from several fireworks set off to celebrate the Lantern Festival.

For more pictures, click here.

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