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You thought Star Treck was way ahead of our times? Apparently the movie had yet to inspire designers throughout the world. Sure, the idea of a door that opens only after it does a fingerprint check-up on you was crazy back then, but that does not mean that it makes it less real in the present. “Smart Door” comes from iHouse, a company that invests in creating high-tech housing products. There are three ways you can open this door. Remotely, by sending a command through your PC or advanced mobile phone, through a numeric password or by simply taping the scanner with your finger. All your family members can have access to opening the door, so more fingerprints can be registered. Futuristic and fun, this is guaranteed to keep the burglars away.- via

smart door xyLqV 1822 Smart Door with Fingerprint Login
smartdoor Smart Door with Fingerprint Login

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 Carrousel the task of being in the right place at the right time.

Designed by Argentinean artist Leandro Erlich, a desginer who lives and works in Paris, France the “Shattering Door” is a really amazing project, that is on display at Luciana Brito, São Paulo, Brazil. I have to admit that I’m in love with this design, and I would immediately buy it if it would be available …the effect is to cool you have to admit. – Via – Beautiful Decay

shattering door Amazing Door Design : Shattering Door by Leandro Erlich shattering door21 Amazing Door Design : Shattering Door by Leandro Erlich

The Staircase

Swimming Pool (1999)

The 21 st. Century Musseum of Art of Kanazawa

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Searching for doors can be a bit of a challenge when you shop around. There are several varieties of doors including exterior, interior, and sliding to name just a few. Depending on its function, the door is usually constructed of varying degrees of strength. Obviously, an exterior door needs to be very strong to prevent unlawful entry into a home. A challenge I have is finding decent pictures on the web for doors. I was able to find some today from a company called Tre-Piu. Their Polis line is what is displayed for the interior and exterior doors. There is a variety of choices in the product line as well as five colors: dark walnut, light walnut, cream, white, and cherry. The sliding door models are available in inside wall and outside wall configurations and several color options as well. More information: here.


exterior door

interior door

Closet Doors

glass door

entry door

panel door

sliding door

sliding doors

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Doors can be more than a typical plank of wood with a knob, and Rimadesio takes their award winning collection of modern sliding doors to the extreme for residential and commercial use. Rimadesio of Italy combines aluminum structuring with satin and acid-etched glass in a variety of vivid colors to create their four sliding door collections each with their own distinct characteristics. The Siparium collection even includes large folding doors for smaller rooms that don’t have space for sliding doors. Rimadesio’s fully customized designs have been installed in residences, prominent office spaces, hotels, and museums worldwide. See the entire collection here.

rimadesio velaria modern sliding doors

rimadesio siparium large glass and wood contemporary folding doors

residential and commercial modern glass sliding doors rimadesio

contemporary folding and sliding doors rimadesio siparium

modern interior design with sliding glass doors

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