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If you find traditional flat tiles for your backsplash too boring, Ann Sacks has something that will totally charm you. Her sculptural tiles are made using sgraffito – an Italian Old World technique which means “to scratch”. The sgraffito technique consists of laying the clay over a surface to get the bumpy look and then, while still wet, the clay is carved in the desired relief. The results are stunning, as you will see below. The green Nautilus design is perfect if you’re looking to add to your bathroom the artistic feel, while the red Dahlia tiles, when put in order, form a beautiful eye-catching floral mural.

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Rako floral tiles Botanica

There is no need for plain white bathroom walls ever again with the decorative Botanica tiles from Rako! Like the contemporary concept of wallpapering, here you can apply a row of printed tiles here and there to add colour and interest, rather than choosing an all over pattern. The Botanica tiles are unarguably beautiful; a spirited floral print dominates the collection of tile products. The tiles have a lighthearted, retro appeal, but with their silver glints and subtle colour scheme they are something altogether more modern. There is also a classic striped tile to complement the look by carrying it forward in an unobtrusive manner. Contact Rako to learn more about their complete sets of wall and floor tiles.

Rako tiles Botanica around the tub

Rako tiles Botanica outline vanity

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The appeal of marble is truly timeless…and these Transparete tile designs from 14 Ora Italiana make the most of this stunning stone. The natural beauty inherent in marble is displayed at its best with the transparent tiles. The translucency makes it possible to appreciate the grain glowing from within, as light shines through the 3 cm thick marble. The large 92 x 213 cm marble tiles shown here lend themselves to certain applications – such as a room divider, a shower panel, or a countertop. 14 Ora Italiana have enhanced the classic marble material by adding the contemporary design twist, combining strips of opaque and transparent marble to great effect. The only limit to their use is your own imagination! Contact 14 Ora Italiana to learn more about their Transparete tile design.






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The Cupido iridescent mosaic tiles from Fap Ceramiche bring style and playfulness to your bathroom decor. Your bathroom is a great place to express your personality, and choose to make a bold statement that you might shy away from in other rooms. Why not try this romantic and fun look? These iridescent mosaic tiles come in gorgeous colors like the red, ‘Pearl’ and ‘Gemma’ shown here in the eye-catching heart shaped arrangements. Your guests will be stunned with the intimate and animated atmosphere the strong colors generate. Quality Italian tiles to accent your home, the Cupido mosaic collection is from Fap Ceramiche.



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If you are looking to add a dash of color and shine to your bathroom, check out these designer glass tiles by Ann Sofie. The luxury glass mosaic tiles are individually hand-crafted to create a truly unique designer tile with beautiful clarity and transparency. With years of experience, this Italian producer is a dynamic company with a firm understanding of the refined tastes of their customers. They also understand glass – the process of adding oxides creates glass with stunning hues that can be delicately adjusted. Likewise, the glass mosaic tiles they create can capture ground metals between layered sheets – how about gold, silver or platinum for a truly sumptuous touch? Special effects hand-fashioned by experts: you’ll love the designer glass tiles by Ann Sofie.










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For a wonderful rich look that is suitable for the bathroom try the Pelle collection of leather look porcelain tiles from Alfa Ceramica. You needn’t worry about the moist and steamy environment; the porcelain withstands these conditions to stay shiningly beautiful year after year. The large leather-look tiles and the smaller quilted-effect ones also provide a pleasing trompe-l’œil that will make sure your visitor takes a second glance. Is that really leather? A touch assures them that it is not – yet the sumptuous, cozy look remains. The Pelle collection is available in classic tones; Pelle Nieve, Pelle Crema, Pelle Cacao, Pelle Burdeos, and Pelle Gris. There are also small tiles available so that you can make to customised pattern to suit your own bathroom. From Spanish company Alfa Ceramica.


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Stimulate your design ideas with the fabulous Feel tile collection from Iris Ceramica. This tactile collection will add an extra dimension wherever you choose to locate them in your home. Although tiles are often relegated to the bathroom, Feel tiles are shown off to their best effect in the kitchen, or even the dining room. The stunning one-color tiles shown here in vivid warm hues accentuate the wonderful modern relief pattern and look great covering a wall, contrasted with plain tiles. The free-standing unit is also entirely covered in black multi-faceted tiles, which creates a stunning contemporary appearance. You can add to the texture with a visual motif as well – such as a large floral flourish or a refined and classic pattern as pictured here in black on white. Irisceramica brings you not only the look, but also the sensations of style with their Feel tile collection.



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